An influencer agency. For brands.

We specialize in assisting marketing teams and brand managers with their influencer campaigns. With no affiliation to any influencers or agents, we develop structured campaigns around your goals and only coordinate with influencers that are the perfect fit.

Micro-celebrities, major results.

Paid product placement

Tourism and location-based campaigns

Co-content creation with influencers

Discount codes & affiliate links

Long term ambassador relationships

Event-based campaigns

Competitions and giveaways

Account takeovers

Campaign amplification

Campaigns tailored to your target customer.

With so many moving parts, there’s a lot that needs to be managed in a campaign. We have the processes in place to make sure things go smoothly, all while keeping you in control of your brand.

End-to-end management

Influencer marketing is all about aligning people, schedules, products, and messaging. Each campaign is different, but we have developed specific steps for each part of the campaign so that things always go smoothly.

Brand alignment

The magic of influencer marketing only works when there is strong brand alignment. We take extra care to vet each influencer and ensure we only recommend influencers that speak to the customer you are trying to reach.

Your brand first

We approach campaigns from the perspective of the brand, and only connect you with the influencers that make sense. Our influencer contracts are also written to favour the brand, and we always negotiate with your best interests in mind.

The right connections

While we have an influencer database, we have no affiliation with any influencers or agents, which means our team is free to recommend the influencers that are best for your brand.

Campaign integration

With experience managing digital and social media campaigns, we can easily provide support or integration with your larger marketing strategy.

Transparent payment

Our fees are based on the time it takes to coordinate the campaign and not how much you are paying the influencer. We have 0 influencer commissions and you can even pay us in CAD.

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