Moving the IPF Classic Worlds

Moving event venues is a complex, difficult process. The Canadian Powerlifting Union was selected to host the 2018 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Classic Worlds. When the original venue became infeasible, The Canadian Powerlifting Union requested our help with navigating this change. From staging to lighting to video and live sound reinforcement, we provided the production services required to make the IPF Classic Worlds a success.

All the behind the scenes magic

Our team worked behind the scenes upgrading venue electrical, designing event floor plans and rigging the venue - working within the critical restrictions of the structure. We also reinforced staging to ensure stability for the athletes while they perform deadlifts, squats and other powerlifting moves throughout the 10-day event. 

A powerful production

No production is complete without the perfect lighting and sound. Our team provided the lighting, live sound, and handled all routing of video, scoreboard and lifter information displays to 14 separate screen and projector destinations. We also provided on-site technical support throughout the event. The sum of our efforts contributed to a successful 2018 IPF Classic Worlds.

This project was orginally completed by Popeye Media, which is now Maven Media Group Inc.