It’s time for something new

In search of a way to stand out in a crowded residential development industry, Morrison approached Maven looking for a fresh idea to help showcase their homes to potential buyers and brand supporters. We’ve worked with Morrison for a long time, and were confident we could create a video series that was uniquely Morrison.

Interior design - the Morrison way

We decided to showcase Morrison’s showhomes in a more personal way, and developed our script and storyboard around an ENG style production. With the help of the Designer’s Edge team, we drafted up a narrative and A/V script that would give potential buyers a glimpse into Morrison’s dreamy homes, and give interior design fanatics something to aspire to.

With scripting and pre-production planning complete we headed down to the communities of Livingston and Legacy to bring Morrison’s design specials to life. We enlisted the help of Danielle Paul, owner of Designer’s Edge, as our host, and spent two days on set capturing the jaw-dropping interiors of The Emmett and Logan II.

Two well-constructed videos

Managing the project from planning, to production, to post-production, our team of writers and audio-visual specialists came together to produce Morrison’s first ever design focused videos – showcasing the interior design elements and inspiration in two of their most popular showhomes.

The Emmett Design Tour

With bold colours, unique furniture and contemporary décor, the Emmett showcases a retro boho aesthetic with a modern Morrison twist.

The Logan II Design Tour

The Logan II is a traditional yet modern home which features the perfect balance of contemporary and vintage decor.